Friday, August 14, 2015

Homemade Classroom Valentine's: Finger Puppets

Okay - so this blog post is pretty late.  But, better late than never - right?  

With every school party or birthday I struggle with finding something "cool" for my kiddos to pass out that DOESN'T include CANDY!  I know that it would be much easier to just pick up a big bag of candy, or cupcakes, to bring to the class.  And I know that the majority of the kids would LOVE to have the sweets over anything else.  But, I really do believe that there are too many sweets!  So, for Valentine's Day 2015, my kiddos and I made finger puppets that were attached to a pencil.

For my son's class - he is obsessed with Minecraft so he picked "Steve".

And my daughter picked hedgehogs.

They all turned out adorable (or awesome if you asked the boys) and the kids loved them!  Now on to next year...

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