Friday, August 14, 2015

Animal Shelter Donations: Old Blankets, Towels, Sheets and MORE

Whenever I get rid of items that I no longer need, I go through my "checklist":
Is there another use I might have for it?  Maybe even a Pinterest craft project.  
Can I sell it?  If so - eBay, Craigslist, Mom-to-Mom sale, garage sale, ...  
Do I know someone else that could benefit from having it?  
Can it be donated?  
And lastly, is it trash?  In which case - can it be recycled or is it heading off to dump?

One day I noticed a sign at my vets office (they support an animal shelter).  They were asking for old towels and blankets.  I had never thought about a vet, or animal shelter, needing such things.  But, it makes sense.   They do care for many animals that have been injured or need treatment.  Sometimes those blankets/towels are used to comfort them and may not be able to be used again.  So they may go through them often.

Then I started to think more about a lot of things that an animal shelter might need:  animal beds, toys, food, collars, leashes, animal cages, cat towers, ...  The list is huge!  So, as my dog continued to grow, I donated the collars and leashes that she outgrew.  I also started bagging up all my old towels and blankets that I knew no person would want.  

It all added up to be a lot!  And, it's tax deductible!

We have donated many times since!  It feels so good to know that my "old things" have a new purpose in life!  My local Humane Society does wash and reuse blankets, towels, sheets, ....  But they still go through a lot.  It is so simple to donate!

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