Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oahu, Hawaii: Chief's Luau at Sea Life Park

We took a 2nd family vacation to Hawaii in January 2015.  Our first trip was to Oahu and Maui in 2013.  On Maui, we participated in the Myths of Maui Luau.  For our 2015 vacation we only visited the island of Oahu.  Of course we had to go to another luau!  After checking out all the reviews we decided on the Chief's Luau at Sea Life Park.  I wanted something different and this received a lot of great reviews on the humor of the program.  It also offers a lot of different activities before the show that appealed to me.  Here's our experience:

When we were ushered into the luau area they took a picture of our family in this spot (actual picture shown later in post) which also included the chief and one of the dancers.  We did purchase the picture.  They were available during dinner and cost $20.  Just an FYI - during the beginning activities you can ask someone to take your families picture in this same spot for free.  It just won't include the chief and a dancer.  

We stayed in Waikiki.  This map also shows you where the Sea Life Park is located
(right side of the map, between 8 and 9.)

Map of the park.  The Luau is not pictured here but is off to the right of the map.
You do go to the parks ticket booth to get your wrist band and seat assignment.

Playing around taking pictures before the luau section was open.
FYI - the real flower lei's are ones my kiddos made at our hotel.
The tickets that we purchased for the luau (Paradise Package) included
Kukui nut lei's which you will see in the rest of our luau pictures.
Pictures before the luau.

Goofing off before the luau.

Our official family picture that cost $20.

We were assigned to tables but not to specific seats at the table.  
The very first thing we did - we sat some things at our table to save the seats we wanted.  

Fire starting lesson.

Airbrushed tattoos.
Make sure you have cash to leave a tip.

Spear throwing.

They also had a game with sticks that was pretty cool.  
I know my son was excited to show his friends when he got home!

Banana leaf weaved crown.
We needed a lot of help with this!

Hula dance lessons followed by a group dance.

Free-roaming animals ;-)
There are also many Hawaiian crafts (bags, jewelry, wood carvings, art) available to purchase before the show starts.

Tons of opportunities to take beautiful pictures!

It's time to get started!

Imu Ceremony

The meal:  There were a lot of food options and their website lists out what options are friendly for a variety of dietary needs.  The food was much more authentic than the luau we attended in 2013.  Maybe I should clarify - the food at our 2013 luau had some traditional Hawaiian food but this luau had only traditional Hawaiian food.  No kids hot dogs and chicken nugget here! But, it still worked great for us. Punch, tea and coffee are included.  We each received 2 drink tickets as part of our package (make sure you have tip money.)  Those could be used for adult beverages or soda pop.  Don't forget the pineapple cake!

We need this recipe!  Best cake ever!!!

Those that purchased the "Royal Package" were seated and their meal was brought to them plated.  Everyone else went to the buffet (I prefer.)  The buffet line seemed to go fast - but we were also the first ones in line.  

Music during dinner.
Time for the show!

You get the idea!  But, here is what you can't capture in pictures:

-The audience is involved a lot.

-There was a lot of adult humor that thankfully my kiddos were too tired to catch on.  
By this I mean: sexual humor for both opposite and same sex relationships.

-Although there are a lot of great staff on the team, the show wouldn't be what it is without the chief.

-You get to walk by the sea turtles on the way out of the park.

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