Saturday, May 9, 2015

Keepsake: Recorded Book Reading

My little nephew lives in another state so we only get the opportunity to see him about once a year.  Thank goodness for things like Facebook to help us stay in touch more than that!  Well, next month he is going to become a big brother.  I wanted to help him celebrate this new and exciting change in his life so my family put together a "big brother" care package to send to him.  I wanted to add something personal from my kiddos to him.  He is at the age where "story time" is super fun and he has enjoyed my kiddos reading to him during past visits.  So, I came up with this idea:

First, we purchased copies of my kids favorite books - one from each kiddo.

Next, I video taped them reading the story out loud.  I then burned copies of that onto a DVD.  The DVD, and a picture of my child holding the book, were inserted into the inside cover of the books.  

Now my little nephew can watch his older cousins reading a book to him while he follows along!

Then....  A friend recommended that I should also make a copy to keep for my grandchildren.  I love the idea!  Now my grand kids will be able to watch their parents read a story to them when they themselves were little!

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