Friday, January 9, 2015

San Francisco, California: Movie Tour

We have been to San Francisco a few times so we wanted to check out something different.  We thought it would be nice to take a tour of San Francisco to see what the city has to offer - since we usually stick to our "normal" attractions.  We LOVE movies (why we have been to Los Angeles and Hollywood so often) so a movie tour of the city seemed the most appealing to us.  So we decided on San Francisco Movie Tours.  We were staying in the Fisherman's Wharf area and this tour picks up there.  That and a coupon and we were ready to go!

The list we were given of sites we'd see.

Comfortable seats and TV monitors for movie review while we headed to see the locations in person.  

City Hall

Amazing interior!

More inside views of city hall!

Harvey Milk - inside City Hall.

The Painted Ladies or, as I know them, the Full House houses ;-)
We couldn't drive to this on a tour bus so we walked a couple of blocks.
Hey - at least it got us out for some exercise  ;-)

Beautiful art all over the city.

The house from Mrs. Doubtfire located on Steiner St.

Another angle of the Mrs. Doubtfire house.
The Party of Five house on Broadway.

San Francisco Botanical Garden - we only drove by this but it peaked my interest enough to want to visit it next time. 

We made our way to the base of the bridge!
Many great views and picture opportunities from here!

Even views of Alcatraz Island.

For the Star Wars fans - The Yoda Fountain at Lucasfilms HQ.

Was the tour worth our time and money?  For us - yes!  It took us to some places that we had never explored or really even knew about.  Plus, my husband (the movie enthusiasts) is now interested in exploring San Francisco (an area of California that I love) more!  I'm curious to know if there are other places that we should visit in San Francisco.  Please share if you know of any!

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