Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cake Decorating 9th Birthday Party

My little lady always wants to help me in the kitchen.  Especially when it comes to decorating cookies and cakes!  A cake decorating party was perfect to celebrate her 9th birthday!

The invitation.
The invitations ready to be delivered.
The rubber spatulas were for the invited guests to keep.
I did remove the spatulas for the invites that were being mailed.

I made aprons for all the girls (and two pirate themed ones for my son and his friend)

The birthday girl also gets a chefs hat ;-)

The two apron designs.

Cake boxes for the guests to take their cakes home in.

My daughter made Rainbow Loom cupcake charms for each of the guests.

I had the kids decorate their cake boxes when they arrived.

Lots of frosting color and tip options.

Candies for decorating.

Candies for decorating.

Candies for decorating.

Candies for decorating.

The table is ready for the party to start!

I had the kids unwrap this treat to use for practice decorating as I showed them how to use each of the frosting tips.

Faces blurred for privacy.
Very glad that I used disposable table covering!

The frosting actually made a mess!
Notice how the girls are holding the bags when they squeeze?
Eventually all that frosting squeezed right out the top!
 I highly recommend spending the extra money to use the pre-made
 frostings that are already packaged to use with a sealed top.
I saved money doing it myself but it was a big mess!
*Faces blurred for privacy.

Faces blurred for privacy.

I think this girl has done this before!

I always take pictures of the birthday girl with the gift and giver.
It makes thank you cards so much easier!
Face blurred for privacy.

The group!
Faces blurred for privacy.

I love seeing these kiddos in pictures (or in person) wearing the aprons they were given at the party!

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