Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New School Year Teacher Gift

A while ago I blogged about this travel kit that I made for my kiddos (and some for gifts).  Playing around with my paint markers to decorate boxes became a fun thing for me to do so I found some more ideas to share.  

Kids Travel Pack
My kiddos both had to provide a plastic pencil box for their own use at school.  The last time my daughter had to do this I decorated her box with stickers.  This year I pulled out the paint pens!

Next, I had purchased some craft storage boxes to use as gifts for teachers during the new school year.  I wanted to fill them with a mix of supplies and treats.

Of course I wanted to personalize these too!

Okay, I am not an artist!!  So here are some tips for those of you that are reading this and thinking the same about yourself.

First, I pulled out an alphabet stencil from my kids art desk.

I used a marker (same color as the paint I was using) and the stencil to draw in the letters.  I use a marker first just incase the letters don't line up correctly.  Make sure you have a good marker or it may not "stick" well on the plastic.  Next, I write over the marker with the paint pen.  

Not great at drawing pictures?  Me either!!!  Early on I cheated by using "how to draw" instructions.  But, when I had a hard item to draw (even with the step by step instructions) I was stuck.  Then, I realized that my box was clear.  That makes it easy to tape the picture on the inside cover and then paint over it on the outside.  Kind of like cheating?   Maybe, but who really cares!

What you end up with is a very nice personalized gift!

Since it is a gift, I used a permanent marker to write my child's name and the school year on the back.

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