Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jello Cake

This is a favorite from when I was a kid!  My brother and I both always requested this for our birthdays instead of the usual birthday cake with buttercream frosting.  It's pretty simple to make and still so yummy!


1 box white cake mix
2 boxes (or one large box) of Jello, any flavor
1 container of Cool Whip


Bake cake according to box directions in a 9x13 inch cake pan.

Poke holes in the cake (allows flavor to get into the cake instead of just running off the top).

Create liquid jello mix by following the box directions but reduce the amount of water just a little.  Since I made this for Memorial Weekend I used a red strawberry and a blue mixed berry combination.  

Slowly pour the liquid jello over the cake allowing it the opportunity to soak into the holes you have created.  I use a small cup to do this.  If you pour it too fast it will run off the cake.  If it runs off the cake it will leave you with a white cake that has jello covering the sides and bottom - not appealing at all!

Once you have poured the jello evenly on the cake refrigerate it until the jello firms up.  It's not easy to know for sure when this has happened so I usually prepare this portion of the cake the night before - giving it the opportunity to firm up over night.  

Lastly you simply spread Cool Whip over the cake for "frosting".

Since it was a Memorial holiday party I decided to add some sliced strawberries and blueberries for a red, white, and blue effect.

Of course I had to do a mini version too!  Just layer in a cup: cake, Cool Whip, fruit, cake, Cool Whip, fruit.

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