Monday, March 17, 2014

Update: Great Wolf Lodge - Traverse City, Michigan

You may remember my Great Wolf Lodge 2012 Post.  
We have also had great experience in 2013 and 2014 too.  

This year I felt like an update was needed.   The Traverse City location has made a few modifications.  Here are some note worthy changes that we noticed during our February 2014 visit:

They have added a small bowling alley.

It's not like a normal bowling alley but still fun!

Something new for the arcade.

They no longer offer the pizza deal that we used to buy for dinner ;-(

So, we ate at the restaurant!
Fun theme, super busy the night we went, we ended up ordering pizza off the other menu....

Free balloon animals!

Story time - always fun!

This time we stayed in a kid camp room.
We have stayed in all three of the kid themed rooms and love them all!!

Cookies and milk delivered to our room!
In my 2012 post this all went terribly wrong!
But, now I know to order this when I make my reservation and confirm that I have it when we check-in!

This is new and so yummy!!!
Donuts, sandwiches, beverages, coffee!
I have been told the one in the morning can get a little crazy.

We love caricatures!  These were done on a computer so he could easy add your face to an existing drawing he had pre-drawn (and saved).  My son loved that he could be a Detroit Redwings player!  They didn't have a themed pictures that my daughter was interested in (at least not on display) so she just had a basic colored sketch done.  It was interesting but we have caricatures done often and these really didn't look anything like my kiddos....

 And from our November 2014 Visit:

They now require that you use a card (kind of like a credit card) to play most of the games.
They points are used toward the games you play.
And - you have to buy the card the first time (can use the same card to replenish).  
Junior Life Guard 

Additional fee but worth doing at least once.

Turning on the water for the park to open!
This is also a great time to save some seats since it is nearly impossible to find a seat once the park is open!

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