Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Johns Family Travel Bucket List

Bucket list, wish list, ...  whatever you want to call it.  I think it is important to have some goals to work toward.  Many of my obvious bucket list items revolve around travel.  There are so many places that I want my kids to experience.  Yes - I said my kids!  My entire travel bucket list (except one item) revolves around experiences that I want my kids to have.  Many of them are experiences I had as a child, or I missed out on, or that I have heard about as I research places and activities that might be memorable.

So, here's my current travel list:
It's hard to share a picture (that I own) of places that I want to go to but "haven't" yet.
This picture was taken when I was in 5th grade (my dad is behind me).
We were hiking at Jenny Lake (part of the Grand Tetons National Park).
  • Washington DC: The only reason this is on my bucket list is for the educational exposure for my kiddos.  This trip will be planned for a time when they are learning more about government.
  • New York City:  A must for summer (great weather to explore outside) and winter (love all the Christmas activities).
  • Bora Bora:  My only bucket list vacation outside of the United Sates.  This one is for my husband and I only - no kiddos!  I'm thinking maybe our 20th wedding anniversary.
  • Niagara Falls:  We will probably do this one the way to our summer visit to New York City.  It's not really a "must see" for me but it's on the way to New York so why not?!
  • Florida - Disney World:  Many people in our state have been here.  We always go to California so my kids have been to Disneyland a few times.  My husband and I have been to Disney World but our kids have not.  I hope to do this trip when my kiddos are a little older and can really make the most of it.  I have no desire to go twice so it will have to be perfect when we do go.
Am I missing anything that you think should be considered?  Or, have you been to any of these places and have tips to share?  I would LOVE to hear from you!!!

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