Friday, August 2, 2013

Gift Sets #2

I'm back at it - more gift sets ;-)  These gifts were made for very special people in our life!

Spa Gift Set:

For my daughters very best friend who turned 7.  Her favorite color is purple.

A robe, nail polish, compact mirror, back massager, ... A variety of things to go with a "spa" theme.  I found a photo storage box that it fit in perfectly.  I love the idea of being able to re-use the "gift wrapping"!

Ready to close up and wrap.

The robe:  here is the one I gave my daughter.  I purchased the robes at a great price through  Then, I picked up some soft material to sew around the edges.  Now they have matching robes - except for the colored edges that individualize them.

The wrapped present.  I just added some ribbon, a fluffy pen that I found at the dollar store, and a zipper pull with the birthday girls name on it (hard for her to find things with the correct spelling - I can totally relate!)
Toy Story Gift:

This was for a little boy celebrating his 1st birthday.

Toy Story DVD/Blu-ray combo with a book (has sound buttons) and a coordinating stuffed doll.
I wrapped it up in a photo storage box.

Painting Gift Set:

This was a gift for my mom.  She is one of those people that has everything that she really wants so I always have to pay attention to things she mentions a desire to have.  I have a set like this that she has admired so I decided it was time to get her started.

Small tote, variety of basic paint colors to get her started, a variety of brushes, paint trays and bowls, paint pens, and an easel.

All of this fits in the tote (and will make it easy for her to access and store).
Movie And Game Night Gift Basket:

This was for my sons best friend (and twin to my daughters best friend that received the spa gift set) who recently turned 7.  I always find it is easier to shop for my son than my daughter but it's harder for me to put together boy gifts than girls gifts...  So, I tried to incorporate a few things that I know this little guy likes and it was a success!

Front view: candy, movies, gum, games, baseball cards (his party was at a baseball game), ...

Back view:  popcorn, drinks, more candy...
The basket is a plastic popcorn bucket so it can be re-used.

All wrapped up!  I used some scotch tape to hold the items in place (not visible) and a couple of glue dots to hold the bow in place.

Book Gift Set:

I forgot to take a picture of the unwrapped gift but here is the wrapped gift.  It was a box set of books that fit this 9 year old birthday girl perfectly!

I wanted to jazz up the gift so I added a fluffy pen (from the dollar store) that was in her favorite color.

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