Saturday, August 3, 2013

Collecting for a Cause: Ronald McDonald House

Pop can tabs (or "soda" can tabs - depending on where you are from) have become a new craft craze.  But, for many years I have heard of using them as a way to help fund dialysis for those that need it.  A year ago my daughter decided that she wanted to start collecting tabs so we could "help people".  She started collecting all of them from our house or anywhere she went.  To help, her brother even started picking them up off the ground and bringing them home from school!  After we had collected a few tabs my husband started researching to find a place where we could donate them.  

Well, it turns out that there isn't really a big demand for aluminum tabs.  However, we did discover that some of the McDonalds franchise owners have decided to accept the tabs as donations.  They recycle them at the cash rate offered for aluminum.  The money they receive is then donated to the Ronald McDonald House!

My kiddos taking in their tabs to a local McDonalds that offers this donation service.

The container they have on the counter to put the tabs in.
My kiddos were so excited to "help people"!!  I'm glad that we were able to find a service that they could contribute their hard work toward!

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