Monday, April 8, 2013

Sky Zone: Grand Rapids, Michigan

I had heard a lot about Sky Zone from friends that live in the area.  There's one in Grand Rapids, Michigan but they also have other locations.  Everyone claimed to really like it so I figured I better add it to the list of things to check out.  In January my daughter was invited to a birthday party that was held there.  It was a nice warm introduction to the place.  However, my real experience was, as most people, our time there as a family (when we had to make the arrangements and pay).  So I added it to the list of places to visit over spring break.  Here's our experience:

Thankfully, a friend of mine took her kids to Sky Zone earlier in the week.  She mentioned that she had to wait 1 1/2 hours for an open jump time!  She did learn that you can purchase/reserve jump times through their website.  I was glad to hear that because the location is not in an area I travel often.  I would have been upset to find out that I drove all the way there and couldn't get in!  So, two days prior to our visit, I visited their website and paid for our jump times.  I decided on 1 hour (because it can get very exhausting for my kiddos age and it is expensive) starting right when they opened that day.  At that time their website was indicating that some times later in the day were already full.  They seem to be busy often and it was spring break on a Friday so I wasn't surprised to see that.

For our visit - they opened at 9:30 am with a 10:00 am first time to jump.
For those that didn't have a paid RSVP - the next opening that day wasn't until 5:30 pm!
If you do not have a waiver completed you will need to grab one (by the door) and fill it out prior to getting into line.  I was told that the waivers are good for one year.  My daughter was there previously but, because it was part of a party, they did not have her on file. That was fine since I had to complete one for my son (you can add the entire family to one form).  You can check-in early so that you are ready at your starting jump time.  Jumpers can also go barefoot or rent their shoes for jumping.

Check-in & shoe rental

Stickers indicating your paid jump time (start and end).
They must be worn at all times to jump.
We noticed people putting them on their back so they don't get in the way.

They have lots of these racks for shoes, coats, hats, ...

You can pay for a locker to keep your items more secure.
I think it was only 25 cents.

Tables to sit at but there are also a lot of benches and chairs around.

Small cafe.  
The restrooms are around the corner along with a drinking fountain.

Cafe menu and pricing (at the time of our visit in April 2013)

The area to line up when it's your start time.
A staff member goes through the "rules" before they let you into the trampoline area.

A look into the trampoline area.
Adults can walk around to watch or help their children.
However, they will of course need to pay if they want to participate.

There are 3 dodgeball courts


Foam pit - so fun to do tricks off the trampoline while jumping in!
They offer parties that include party rooms!
I loved how much staff they had working!!  Each area had at least one staff member making sure people were "following the rules" and playing safe.  

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