Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dinosaur World - Cave City, Kentucky

Over the kids 2-week winter break from school we decided to take a road trip to visit family.  It was  a long drive each way so I was on a mission to find some fun things to do along the way.  It worked out perfect that Cave City, Kentucky was right in the middle of our trip.  I had no idea how many fun things they offered!  

On our trip back to Michigan we stayed over in Cave City so we could spend the next morning checking out Dinosaur World: Cave City, Kentucky.  Such a fun place!!!  Keep in mind - it was COLD!!!  But no snow so that helped.  Here's our adventure:

The entrance to the store and eventually into the park.

Once you have paid for entrance into the park you get one of these.

And a map of the park that I had to scan in two parts due to the size.

Super cute trash cans!

And even more fun - drinking fountain!

They have really nice trails to walk.
It would be even more awesome if the trees had leaves (summer).

There are different signs sharing facts about the dinosaurs.

Okay - we touched these...
But they weren't roped of and had clearly been touched by others.

The big sign south of the Cave City exit.
You can walk up to this so we took some fun pictures of the kids by it.

Life size!
I'm not going to post all my pictures and ruin all the surprise
but this gives you an idea of the size of the dino's.

Playing around.
There is a small museum in the park.

Some things are not "real" but there are signs letting you know.

A sample of what a dig site would look like.

Fun picture opportunities!
Included in the price of admission is a dinosaur dig (you get to keep three fossils per child).  

They have a nice area outside to dig but since it was winter
we did the dig inside.

You strain the sand and put your fossils on paper  to decide which you want to keep.

One of my kiddos picked these three.
The top is the state fossil for Kentucky and the bottom two are teeth from ...?
There is a lot to explore in the store!!!  There are also restrooms and picnic areas (no food sold on site but they let you bring your own).

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