Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving: Thankful Wreath

Last year I made a Thanksgiving: Thankful Turkey Hostess Gift that I heard a lot of great feedback on. This year I came across the idea to use the same concept on a wreath.  So, I made this for our Thanksgiving host for this year.  

I found a small foam wreath for only $1 at Target!  

I covered it with brown ribbon (attached with a glue gun).

Next, I used scrapbook paper that was in fall colors and cut leaf shapes.  I then used pins to attach them to the wreath.  The pins make it easy for the leaves to me removed when a guest wants to use it and then they can reattach it where ever they choose on the wreath.

I had my family start by telling me what they are thankful for this year.  We wrote our names and the year on the back of the leaf.  I will post the finalized wreath after the big day.  A last minute thought:  I think I am going to attach a looped ribbon so it can be hung from a hook or nail if desired.

My son told me he is thankful for superheroes (last year it was monster trucks).  I like to imagine that he is thinking of all the every day heroes in the world that help people.  But he is only 5 - LOL!!!  Then he told my husband that he should be thankful for race cars ;-)

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