Monday, October 29, 2012

Who Says You Have to "Bake" It?: Decorated Rice Krispies Treats

I saw a blog post a while back where someone purchased pre-baked cookies and decorated them.  I have also seen Little Debbies snack cakes that have been decorated in really cool ways.  Well, I have this giant box of individually wrapped Rice Krispies Treats, no ambition to make my own from scratch, and a desire to serve some decorated Rice Krispies Treats as a gift.  So, I took the short cut by using these pre-made treats that are already cut perfectly and taste so yummy!!!

First, place them on wax paper.

Next, melt a variety of colored chocolates (in an open zip lock bag for 1 minute and then in 20 minute intervals until melted).  Cut a small hole in one corner of the bag and squeeze out your design.  

Be careful not to over heat the chocolate or push to hard on the bag or it will bust!

Notice the difference in the thickness of the chocolate?
It depends on how big the whole is.  I like to start with a very small cut and then enlarge it if needed.

For the pumpkins, I spread the orange chocolate and then added the other colors.

This super cute box from the dollar store was my inspiration.

Add plastic wrap to keep it fresh and you have a super cute treat to give! 

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