Thursday, October 1, 2015

Minecraft Birthday Party

MINECRAFT!!  Both of my kiddos are obsessed with this game but especially my son!  So, it was the ONLY birthday theme option for his 8th birthday.

There are so many invitation options available but my son decided on this one found here.
We decided to personalize the invite by adding a picture of my son.  
I decided to start this blog post out by sharing party pictures with you.  Some will include information on where I found decorations/ideas and the homemade items will be detailed toward the end of the post.
The sign was a free printable from here.
I printed mine on card stock so they held up great!

My inspiration for the party props came from here.
Although, I have to admit that my "Steve" came out way bigger and cooler than I could have imagined.

Some of my table inspiration came from here.
The "Potion of Healing" labels for the bottled water were free printable from here.
I just added a little green food coloring to a clear punch for the "Creeper Juice".

I found some ideas on Pinterest that led to this creation.
The green is really neon for a creeper but it was a fun game.

I also found some inspiration for this on Pinterest.
I will show you how I made these later in this post.
The kiddos were great at setting the blocks back up after each game.

I found this game idea on a Pinterest picture.
There wasn't a printable so I created my own sheet.

The cake!  I combined some  Pinterest ideas for this one and used some of my sons action figures to pull it all together.

SWAG bags for the guests!

Minecraft costume heads that I purchased at Target.

Decorations made out of paper towel tubes, colored paper, party printable, and pipe cleaners.

Decorations made out of 12 pack soda boxes, paper towel tubes, paper, printable  faces, and tissue paper.
My son originally wanted a pixel look to the decorations but he changed his mind after the pig was completed.
the pig looked nice but the creeper did not.  

Steve was made out of a few boxes I had collected, gift wrap, poster board, tissue paper, and the head was painted.
He was the hit of the party!  I also took a picture of my son in front of Steve with each of the party guests.

SWAG/gift bags for guests.

The favor tags were free to print from here.
I have made these "ornaments" (we used them as charms for this) a few times.  I originally saw the idea in a magazine (for Christmas ornaments) but heck if I can find that information now.  I did find this video that walk you through how to make them.  I'll give credit to my original source if I ever find it again.

I found these cups at the dollar store and had to turn them into creepers!

Creeper shirts:

Freezer paper.

Cut out the face.

Iron freezer paper on to the shirt.
Make sure you have this attached really good around the face.
I ruined a couple of shirts due to the paint leaking out of the lines....

I tried a spray version of the t-shirt paint but it bled through the freezer paper too easily.  I highly recommend just using the t-shirt paint with a foam sponge and just applying light paint around the paper area (so it doesn't bleed around the edges).  In this picture I show a fabric marker that I used for the edges.  you can do that too.
DO NOT FORGET TO PUT A PROTECTIVE LAYER (freezer paper, aluminum foil, thick card board) UNDER THE FIRST LAYER OF THE SHIRT!!! If you do not, the paint will bleed through to the back of the shirt.

Once the paint is dry, pull the freezer paper off.
The shirts turned out way nicer than I thought!
They washed nicely after and I have seen many of our party guests wearing them aside from the party!
Green gift bags that I used a sharpie marker to decorate.

A "creeper" version of one of my favorite treats!

What's in the SWAG bags.

Sugar cookie "Steve" too.
How to make the creeper blocks:

Print the creeper face on paper but transfer that to cardboard for extra thickness.

I used dollar store foam squares.
I use these for other crafts so the cost was justified.

Paint the creeper faces.

My Minecraft Decorations/Games:  I sold them all after I was done.  I had no problem getting rid of them for a profit!

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