Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oahu, Hawaii: North Shore Whale Watching

Whale watching was always off season when we had visited Hawaii in the past.  But, during our February visit we had the opportunity to check it out.  We really had no clue what company to use but I did come across a Groupon for North Shore Catamaran Charters that seemed to make sense.  I liked that it was a catamaran because it was more wide open.   It seemed like we would have a better chance of seeing whales if we didn't have to maneuver around people and ship walls.

The catamaran.

Sunny day equals sleepy kiddos.
In the search for whales, the guides put a microphone in the water (hooked to speakers on the boat) so we could hear the whales singing to each other.  

The first sign that a whale is nearby.
We were told that it is horrible is you get the spray on you.
Apparently is smells nasty and takes forever to wash the stink off.


The perfect shot for a tail and I was a couple of seconds late...  At least I captured the end....

A little more reality of how far we were away.

A net to hang out on - felt good to get some air circulating under us.

Such a hot day and no place to go for shade.
This little one took another nap.
Whale watching was fun but we did stop at some point to just slowly float around until the scheduled time was up.  No whales to see and it was HOT.  So we were pretty miserable!  Riders were given the option to jump in for a couple of minutes to cool off.  We did not but a about 4 others did.

They did provide non-alcoholic drinks on the boat.

Lunch at Pizza Bob's!  There are a lot of options in North Shore.  We wanted to go with something "authentic" to the area yet safe (we are picky eaters).  We loved this so much that we ate here during both of our visits to North Shore.
Playing around at our favorite North Shore beach area.

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