Monday, September 1, 2014

Lego Themed Birthday Party

My little man decided on a Lego themed party for his 7th birthday!  I found that there are so many creative ideas to incorporate Lego into all aspects of a party!  Previously I shared with you in this blog post some of the ideas that I found.  Here's what we actually did for the party:

The invitation (blurred for privacy).
I found a good deal on these - the seller creates a JPEG and then I was given all rights to have it printed.  

The birthday boy!




Cake with chocolate figures.  The top piece is something we found at the Lego store.

Cupcakes with chocolate figures.

Coloring table.  I got this sheet from a restaurant in the Legoland Hotel (California).

He insisted on a piñata so I made this.
The blues matched better in person than they do in this picture...

Pin the head on the Lego man!

Lego building table!
The kiddos each got to keep the figure they built.  

Time to get wet!

Used for thank you.  Blurred faces due to privacy.

Also used for thank you cards - a reminder of what gifts were given by who.
Again - face is blurred for privacy.

A Lego colored backdrop for pictures.
Face blurred for privacy.
It was a huge success!  Now he is already planning his 8th birthday - MINECRAFT!

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