Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Great American Road Trip: Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

Devils Tower was a must for our "Great American Road Trip".  Partly because it was very close to our route but also because it is an interesting site with a lot of legends to explore.  

We were traveling on 90.  As you can see, the trip to Devils Tower is like a big loop.  For our route, it made more sense for us to travel through the bottom side of the park and to also exit through the same side.  

On this map I have highlighted our route taken.

A view from far away.

Entering the park. There is a campground and a store at the entrance.

Up close.

Up close.

Up close.

Wildlife along the way.

Another angle on the way out of the park.
I thought this side was very interesting.
It looked nothing like the other angles we had seen!

There are a lot of prairie dogs just after you enter the park.
We got out of the car and walked on a path through their field.  They were so fun to watch!

Feedback and tips from our visit:
  • There is a visitors center with a small museum, small store, and restrooms at the center of the park.  You can also hike around Devils Tower from that point.  We opted to not do that since we had limited time available that day.   I have heard that the trail is steep and not very shaded. 
  • People do climb the tower.  I have heard it is interesting to watch.  We were there in June and climbing is not allowed in June to respect the heritage and culture of the American Indians.
  • Seeing the tower was cool but my families favorite part was the fields full of prairie dogs!
  • There is a fee to enter the park.  We were able to use our National Park annual membership card. 
  • I highly recommend bringing food with you.  Once we left 90 the places to get food were very limited.  There is a restaurant just before the entrance of the park.  However, it wasn't a fit for my picky eaters.  
  • Devils Tower is not a place I would go to again.  But, only because I feel like seeing it once was enough.  It is amazing and worth checking out if you are in the area!

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