Friday, August 24, 2012

Massachusetts Road Trip: Author's Ridge in Concord

Author's Ridge in Concord was another historical and interesting place we visited. The cemetery is big and beautiful but it is hard to find "Author's Ridge" so you may need to ask someone how to get to that section.  It is very well cared for so it wasn't hard to find an employee to direct us.

There's a lot of old burial sites so it's not always easy to find the "significant" ones.

 Some have large family stones to help draw your attention:

But, as you can see, Henry Thoreau's actual stone is small.  
But, the added notes left by visitors made it stand out.

This stone was helpful:

 Ralph Waldo Emerson actually has this beautiful large rock for his marking!

I really love this one!!!
We took the time to teach my daughter how to bring a keep sake home.  It was a last minute idea from my sister-in-law and it worked out great that we had enough supplies to pull it off.

Nathaniel Hawthorne was buried in Concord too!

I probably would have never noticed Louisa M. Alcott's stone if it hadn't been covered in "gifts".

My kiddos were a little too young to really understand why these people are more interesting than all of the grave sites.  But some day they can look back at this and feel a connection!

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